By Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Warner - April 2002
ISBN: 0446610348 - Paperback
Historical Romance - 1330 Scotland
for graphic love scenes

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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When Lady Isolde, Chieftain of the clan MacInnes, learns that her sister Lileas has been murdered, she fears what her death will mean for her clan. Lileas was the wife of Ian, who is a member of the dreaded MacLean clan. It is rumored that Ian and his brother Donall were responsible for her untimely death. Isolde knows her clan will seek bloody revenge, but is no match for the powerful MacLean's. To go against one so strong would result in ultimate destruction. She devices a scheme to achieve peace between the two warring tribes; her plan includes impregnating herself with the seed of Donall the Bold, who is being held prisoner in the Castle Dunmier. She has him brought to her room, chains him to her bed, and plans to seduce him into her arms. To protect herself from falling for the handsome Warrior, she drinks a magic potion that will harden her heard against his alluring sex appeal. Will it be strong enough to outlast the growing feelings that are quickly overtaking her body each passing day?

In bringing back the body of Lileas Macinnes, Donall the Bold unwittingly finds himself imprisoned at Castle Dumuir. What he does not know is that he will be used as a pawn to help maintain peace among the clans. He is shocked when he is lead into the bedchamber of Lady Isolde. What sweet tortures does this temptress have in store for him?

Just when you think Sue-Ellen Welfonder couldn't get any better; she pulls out of her magic hat another winner in the form of KNIGHT IN MY BED. Readers, be prepared to turn the air conditioner up on high as you seemly melt as you read each hot and steamy passage. In addition to superb love scenes, you will also be rewarded with an intriguing unsolved murder mystery. A novel such as this is not for the faint of heart, but for those that crave excitement in their life!

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