Light a Single Candle
The MacInnes Legacy
By Julie Moffett
Zebra Books (Kensington) - March 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7270-8 - Paperback
Historical / Paranormal (Witches) Romance - 1792, Salem Massachusetts
Strong love scene

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Julie Moffett is an accomplished paranormal romance writer. Her stories and characters are always multifaceted and enjoyable. Light a Single Candle is just the beginning of this enchanting series, and will span beyond this one suspenseful tale.

The prologue tells of Priscilla Mary Gardener. She is the last descendent of the Scottish clan the MacInness. She is accused of witchcraft but escapes the rope through an unselfish act of love. It's this unselfish act of love that has the last descendent of the MacGow clan putting a curse on Priscilla's future generations. The first chapter sets the scene a hundred years later, and clues the reader in on the main character and her family.

Bridget Goodwell discovers best friend and town rogue, Benjamin, has returned from the sea. Bridget's father is the town pastor, and her mother is proud of her engagement to future politician, Peter. Peter makes up Bridget and Benjamin's childhood trio. He's stable and dependable. To round it all off, mother hopes to pair Benjamin with the youngest sister, Sarabeth. Bridget just hopes Peter doesn't discover her secret before they are wed.

As the story moves, the reader discovers Bridget's secret, how it affects the family, and more of the Goodwell's history. They also learn what's in Benjamin's heart. Bridget is having strange dreams and believes a dark force is trying to harm her. The readers are clued in on the Dark One and what she is up to, but not on who it is. Bridget finds herself turning a kind widow some call a witch for help.

It's imaginative, romantic, suspenseful, and entertaining. Be warned: It's just the beginning and there is no ending….

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