By Jan Springer
Wings Press
ISBN: 1590881109 - soft cover
Romance - Contemporary / Romantic suspense
for mature theme

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Steve McCullen is an investigative reporter. His wife, Emily, wants him home instead of risking his life with his work. He decides to resign his job in order to comply with his wife's wishes. Since he has quit his job, he no longer needs to investigate a disk mysteriously left on his doorstep. He meets his colleague, Skip Cole, at the office and gives the disk to him. On his way back to Shipwreck Island, a Canadian island where Emily lives in a lighthouse, he is arrested when a substantial amount of heroin is found in their boat. Within hours of his arrest, he apparently commits suicide. Emily is presented with his ashes. She doesn't believe that Steve had drugs and neither does she believe that he committed suicide. Instead she thinks he was murdered.

Steve is not dead, but is beaten in an attempt to learn what he knows about the contents of the disk. He is beaten so badly that he is in a coma for 6 months and needs a liver and eye transplant. Unknown persons keep him in prison, constantly torturing him for the information about the disk.

After 8 years, he manages to get out of prison. He reaches his brothers and has reconstructive surgery to repair the damage to his face. He returns to Shipwreck Island as Chance Donovan to retrieve the original disk in his laptop computer in order to learn what is on the disk that was so vital. He finds Emily is about to marry Skip, who he believes has betrayed him. Emily doesn't realize he is Steve and reacts to Chance the same way she did to Steve.

The disk reveals a ring of drug smuggling and illegal organ transplants. They must find and bring to justice the ringleaders.

This is a fast moving romantic suspense story, well written with well-developed characterizations. There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader in suspense.

Information about seaweed harvesting and the uses of seaweed is interesting.

Some sexually explicit passages.

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