Silhouette Intimate Moment, No. 1168
By Frances Housden
Silhouette - August 2002
ISBN: 0373272383
'E' Rating

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Additional Note: Very graphic scenes that are best viewed by mature audiences

Two years ago Rowen McQuaid took a bullet that was meant for fellow cop, Jo Jellic. This heroic deed cost him not only his career but also almost his life. He once again finds himself involved with Jo when he arrives at Nicks Landing. Together they will work to solve a suspected case of insurance fraud. Once again, the two find themselves together in another life and dead situation. Will they be able to survive and beat the evil forces that are working against them?

Jo Jellic lived in the shadow of her father's memory. He too was a former police officer. She was hell bent on proving his death was not a planned suicide. She is unprepared when her latest case pairs her with former police officer Rowan McQuaid. She still feels her one careless act resulted in costing him the career he loved. Will she ever be able to make amends with the past and living in the future?

Fast paced, dramatic action, and bone chilling suspense all can be found in huge proportions in Frances Housden's LOVE UNDER FIRE. Ms. Housden's writing style consists of descriptive passages that will not allow readers to stop until the last page is turned.

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