Silhouette, No. 1616
By Cathie Linz
Silhouette - September 2002
ISBN: 0373196164 - Paperback
Romance / Category (Series)

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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He is a warrior. She is a healer. They come from entirely opposite places. His mission is to search and destroy, hers, to touch and restore.

Justice Wilder had been injured while saving a small child's life. He fears his injury will be the end of his successful military career. He is hibernating on an isolated beach known as Pirates Cove, when an expected visitor, Kelly Hart, shows up with an offer to help him recover from his injury.

Kelly is a top-notch physical therapist, and probably will be his best chance in returning to the Marine Corps elite Force Recon, but Justice is wary, due to his past experience with Kelly's older sister, Barbie. The two had married right out of high school and divorced within two years. Will his heart be able to withstand another Hart woman in his life?

Twenty-eight year old Kelly Hard had reluctantly agreed to the pleas of Justice Wilder's mother to seek out her son and help him recover from his injury. She is confident of her skills as a physical therapist, but she has had a secret crush on Justice since age thirteen. Will she be able to put feeling aside and concentrate on getting him back in shape? Or will she discover that Justice only sees her as his former wife's plain little sister?

All this year, I have been engrossed in the award-winning novels produced by Cathie Linz. Her military books are some of the finest romances I have read this year. Her military-themed romances only get better with each successive one. Married to a Marine has just the right emotional depth that is so often lacking in today's romance novels.

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