By Marlys A. Rold
Five Star - September 2002
ISBN: 0786240784 - Hardcover
Contemporary Romance / Action
Rating - for mature audiences

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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He was a man with a mission . . .

When Matt Blackburn discovers the details of Jennifer Holt's kidnapping situation' he offers his mercenary services. Highly skilled in the art of rescuing helpless victims, he feels this assignment should end with successful results. When he learns the young girl will need specialized medical attention, he reluctantly agrees to allow her Mother to be part of the expedition. He is forever haunted by the memory of the last time he allowed a woman to assist him in one of his operations. Will history repeat itself with the same tragic end results?
She was a woman desperate to find her daughter . . .

Jennifer Holt knows that Matt Blackburn is the best chance she has to save her young daughter from the clutches of her ex-husband, Ahmed. Upon gazing into his cool penetrating blue eyes, she is immediately drawn in by his dark brooding physique. She recognizes the confidence he so readily displays in his mercenary abilities. She knows before her is the man capable of breaking down the evil forces that are imprisoning her daughter.

Action, adventure, mystery, and intrigue will all be found in the highest degree in Marlys Rold's THE MERCENARY. From page one I was immediately drawn into the superb plot by the use of true to life characters. I can safely say, of all the books I have read in 2002, this one is by far the most exciting!

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