By Metsy Hingle
Silhouette Desire, 1416
Silhouette - January 2002
Category (Series) Romance
ISBN: 0373764162 - Paperback
for love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley, Myshelf.Com
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Lieutenant Commander Pete 'Mac' McKenna's life revolved around being a Navy SEAL. He refused to allow himself to enter into a permanent relationship because he could not put someone he loved through the grief and anxiety that came with loving a SEAL. When a mission resulted in him being wounded, he reluctantly accepted the fact his injuries would probably force him to resign from the Navy. Knowing his career was not going to be a future issue, he sought to rekindle the relationship he left two years prior with Rachel Grant. Would he be able to convince her that their love deserved a second chance?

Nurse Rachel Grant heart was broken two years ago when Mac McKenna, the man who held her heart and soul, coldly selected his career over the love she freely offered him. She never revealed to him he had left a lasting reminder -- she had his son. Unexpectedly Mac returned . . . and declared that he wanted her back in his life. Could she risk sacrificing her heart to once again bleed for him?

Reading Metsy Hingle's NAVY SEAL DAD was a surefire way to start the New Year off with a bang. Ms. Hingle ingeniously set the stage as she presents memorable dialogue, heartfelt characters, and secondary characters that beg to be revisited in future novels.

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