By Katie MacAlister
Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing) - February 2002
ISBN 0843949651 - Paperback
Historical Romance - Regency England

Reviewed by: Rachel A Hyde,
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Noble Britton has been dubbed "The Black Earl" by the Ton and is rumored to have murdered his first wife. Now he is on the look out for a new one; but this time he wants a quiet, obedient girl who won't break his heart. Penniless Gillian Leigh, over from America and a tonic with her honesty and happy manner seems ideal and she is as keen for the match as he is. But Gillian is totally unconventional, clumsy and soon wreaks havoc in his neat bachelor life. But does this also mean that he is falling in love, and also that the mystery surrounding his first wife's death will at last be solved?

I've read humorous Regencies before but a real laugh-out-loud novel is a rarity so this is a prize indeed. Gillian is a delightful character with her forthright manner, faux pas and aptitude for trouble. The added dimension of a crime to solve, plenty of steamy sex and laughs to boot make this one a joy - well researched with unobtrusive but accurate background detail make it a must-read. Highly recommended!

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