By Mary Campisi
Zebra Books - March 2002
ISBN: 0821772805 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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Multimillionaire Writer Matthew Brandon held the key to fame, fortune, and opportunity in the palm of his hand, until a freak skiing accident robbed him of his sight and, with it, his carefree lifestyle. Now he has shut himself off from the people he once knew, and has become a prisoner in his own home. Thus far, he has rejected the assistance of four psychologists that were determined to help him to accept his blindness. Sara Hamilton is the fifth psychologist to arrive at his door. He has determined that he will send her packing, too - or will he?

Psychologist Sara Hamilton reluctantly agrees to help her supervisor out by filling in for him for two weeks with a difficult client, Matthew, aka 'Matt', Brandon. From what she has gathered from the tabloids, Matt is just the type of guy she detests - arrogant, conceited, and controlling. She was once married to such a man, who took her heart and then walked out on her. From that day forward, she has given up on love. Will Matt be the one to thaw her frozen heart?

PARADISE FOUND is an engrossing novel that had me glued to my seat from page one. Readers will feel strong emotions as the main character's haunting past is revealed. This is the first Mary Campisi book that I have read thus far. After witnessing such powerful talent, I have no doubt that I will be seeking out her future works.

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