By Helen Haddah
RFI West
ISBN: 1586978835
Romantic Suspense / Contemporary

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Maureen Lowe, a forensics artist, is asked by the Granite Run police to make a sketch of the murderer of Jennie Starbuck as described by witness Lisa Adams. After Maureen completes the sketch, Lisa insists it is not the true picture and makes changes. The final sketch resembles Brady Parrish, a wealthy investment advisor and member of one of the town's leading families.

Maureen becomes suspicious and when Lisa is killed, she is convinced that an unknown enemy is framing Brady. In the course of helping Brady prove his innocence, the two uncover past hidden secrets involving Victoria, Brady's mother.

This is a tantalizing story with many twists and turns, and dealing with the ramifications of adopted children seeking their true parents.. The characters are realistically portrayed. The police procedure is true-to-life. The romance developing between Maureen and Brady provides an added fillip to the story.

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