Prisoner of My Desire
By Johanna Lindsey
William Morrow & Co. / Harper Collins - November 12, 2002
ISBN: 0060509325 - Hardback
Historical Romance
12th Century Medieval England
Explicit, graphic scenes

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Desperate times, calls for desperate measures. . .

Lady Rowena Belleme's stepbrother, Gilbert d'Ambray, had pledged her hand to the undesirable Lyons of Kirkburough. Being a spirited lass, Rowena refuses to abide by her stepbrother's demands. When Gilbert threatens to kill her mother if she doesn't go through with the marriage, Rowena knows she is powerless to resist him. Reluctantly Rowena agrees to Gilbert's demands. Before the marriage is consummated, Lyons unexpectedly dies. Rowena is overjoyed at her newfound freedom. Her celebration is short lived, however, when Gilbert demands that she become pregnant before Lyon's death is made public. To help her carry out this demand, he kidnaps Lord Warrick de Chaville. For three nights, Rowena carries out the plan with the helpless prisoner. She is finally unable to stand by and watch the inhuman treatment of Warrick; she makes the decision to help him escape.

Turnabout is fair play . . .

Lord Warrick de Chaville finds himself captive, chained, and at the mercy of Rowena Belleme. As much as he tries to resist her beauty, he is unable to submit to the temptress demands. All the while he is succumbing to her wiles, he is plotting his revenge against all those responsible for his imprisonment. Will the revenge come at a high price?

There is probably not a romance reader worldwide who doesn't immediately recognize the name Johanna Lindsey. To say her books are what legends are made of is an understatement. There are very few authors who can even come close to writing with the effortless style she is capable of achieving. To all that have ever experienced her work, they can easily agree her novels are treasured jewels that are to be cherished and closely guarded. I feel privileged to have received this rare opportunity to once again revisit one her of timeless classics. I feel growing up with her novels has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of what true love is made up of. She has taught me that true love can weather any storm that comes in its path.

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