By Joan M. Fox
Treble Heart Books
ISBN: 1931742111 - Trade Paperback
Historical Romance / Victorian times
for Explicit sex

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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When James, the Duke of Weston, his wife Lorena, and son Joshua, were reported missing in a boating accident off the coast of Scotland, Antonio Thorndyke inherited the title. Antonio is very reluctant to leave his country of Spain where he is breeding and training Andalusian horses. However, family loyalties demand that he go to England and assume the responsibilities of the title and the estate. He takes with him his young sister Briella who is to make her debut to London society.

His estate, Westhaven, adjoins that of Crestwood, which is the home of Hal Lockler with whom Antonio went to Cambridge. Hal's sister, Caroline, is a widow whose marriage was arranged by her dying father. The marriage was never consummated. Meeting Antonio again after 8 years, her feelings toward him are revived.

The attraction between the two is mutual and powerful. After a torrid meeting one morning Antonio discovers the truth of Caroline's virginity, and arranges an immediate marriage. Their honeymoon takes them to Ireland where Antonio wishes to purchase stock to augment his English stables.

Meanwhile James and Lorena are found floating in the ocean. The rescue ship takes them to Dublin where the ship's captain takes them to a relative's inn. James has sustained a blow to his head and has no memory. No one believes Lorena's story of their being English aristocrats and they are put to work at the inn. There is no sigh of Joshua. By chance, Lorena learns of the presence of Antonio and Caroline in Dublin and determines to contact them.

This is a very sensuous romance. The sparks really fly when Antonio and Caroline are together. The atmosphere is true to the times...the gentlemen's clubs; the constant rounds of balls; the theatre; the horse promenades in the Park; the rigid rules of etiquette. The story is well plotted with all the devices necessary for a true romance. The story is fast moving and enjoyable.

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