Rested Memories
The Majestic Series
By Michelle McGriff - July 2001
ISBN: 0595193633 - Paperback

Reviewed by: Alvin Romer, MyShelf.Com
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Continuous sagas that are held in balance with intriguing and suspenseful subplots, extenuating characterization, and a writing style to induce a need to follow recurring themes should be status quo in the makeup of a successful literary series. Michelle McGriff's The Majestic Series gives us the 4th installment, Rested Memories where all of the above play an important part in making this entity a significant unit of the serial whole. This is so because we follow one of the protagonists, Jimmy Smith both in retrospect and in present-day drama as he deals with situations that are direct influences to him, and others that are circumstantially beyond his control. Jimmy Smith is a wealthy man who had everything, but peace of mind....who went on to found, produce, and lead a tremendously successful band which proved to be at the forefront of his problems.

This is also a story of murder, mayhem, and mystery surrounding Mr. Smith and the characters that are central to the storyline, with the entertainment world as a formidable backdrop. We have the ruthless ElJen and the bad blood that is displayed throughout between them; Candice and Rickki, two women he couldn't do without; His sister Mary who was strong but too weak for the 'bad apple' Simon; Then there were the sultry Destiny (ElJen's daughter who's spotlighted in a previous book within the series) who he couldn't resist; and the surrogate and real families that sprung up to give this book it's misplaced title. There are questions and answers to them that keeps this an interesting read, among them: Who REALLY killed Lasiter, and why? Will Jimmy allow the past to rear it's ugly head to reveal secrets best left alone? What happened that caused the tragic death of Jimmy's lover Rickki?

In order to really understand and delve into the myriad of subplots that this book has, one should invest into the previous titles within the series. The chapters are short, breezy, and easy to contemplate without having to wait until the next scenario to unfold before abandoning interest. Michelles writing style too, gives the reader a sense of contentment because of how easy the dialogue is juxtaposed withing the storyline for easy adaptation. I recommend this book and the whole series. My assessment of why one should read and discover this author is a testament to the short article I wrote, the interview displayed, and the review of this book. For further details, visit her website and purchase her books in bookstores nearest you!

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