The Right Mr. Wrong
By Karen Sandler
Hard Shell Word Factory - March 2002
ISBN: 0759903832 - Paperback
Romantic Comedy

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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What a hilarious book about Jeff Haley, a private investigator trying to recapture negatives of a scandalous politician from a wacky blackjack dealer, Casey Madison. Casey had Jeff's negatives mixed in with her pictures but only for a moment until she sent them to her sister, who then sent them to her other sister. This leads Jeff and Casey on a wild-goose chase in trying to recapture these negatives. Through their whirlwind trip, they figure out that even though they have worked on a case before and never felt anything for each other, there is something romantic between them.

"The Right Mr. Wrong" will leave the reader laughing with the wackiness of Casey's character and the unbelievable trip that Jeff and Casey have to go on to get back these negatives. The character development is great. The plot line never falters and is fast-paced. The reader is never left with a moment of 'what just happened?' Sandler does a great job in mixing comedy and romance and it does not seem like it was forced together.

This is a truly wonderful romantic comedy!

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