River of Dreams
By Sharon Garner
Hard Shell Word Fantasy - April 2000: August 10, 2000
ISBN: 1582005796 - Ebook, 3.5 disk
ISBN: 0786223170 - Library Binding
Romance / Adventure

Reviewed by Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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When Gabrielle O'Hara and Nicolao Hamilton were small children, both of them lost their mothers. Their fathers decided to follow their dreams, and began working as a botanist and geologist in Brazil along the Rio Sonhos, the River of Dreams. As a result, Gabby and Nic were left together much of the time with no one to play with but each other. They became fast friends. But when their fathers had a falling out, they were separated, and for the next twelve years, they only heard about each other through mutual friends.

Then, Gabby came across the thing that had ended their fathers' friendship. It was a gold medallion, taken from a small shrine the two had found in the jungle. It had been made by a Spanish Conquistador, who had placed the medallion in the shrine just before he died. Now, both of the men were dead, and Gabby had a chance to do what her father had wanted to do - return the medallion to the shrine. But she couldn't do it without Nic's help. But would Nic help her? Or was he too deep in alcohol and self pity to listen?

RIVER OF DREAMS is a story of greed, betrayal and friendship denied. It is also the story of the courage of two young people who decide to face their ghosts of the past and conquer them. It also tells the story of the love that had begun to blossom when they were young begins to grow, though neither thinks the other is capable of thinking of them as anything but a friend. It is a beautiful story, free of the hot sex scenes that detract from the basic story. It is one of the few romances that I would like to read again.

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