Room for Love
By Carrie Masek
Treble Heart Books-March 2002
ISBN: 1931742014 - eBook
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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Just how far would a foster mother go to keep her foster children from being separated? In ROOM FOR LOVE, this question is answered. This book tells the story of a foster mother who is at risk of losing her home and how a businessman needs and wants to keep his family home. The businessman proposes marriage to the woman and there the story of romance begins.

The development of the foster children and the main characters is delightful. The reader will feel for the adolescent who no one has cared about before or the true sacrifice a foster mother is willing to make. The reader is forced to laugh at the antics of the family pet rabbit. Ms. Masek does a great job in painting a picture for the reader on what the house looks like and exactly what the characters are doing in the story (especially the rabbit).

The romance between Deborah and Cord is very well-developed. It is not rushed. It is not a "wham-bam-please-spend-the-rest-of-your-life-with-me" type of romance. It is developed over time and has its major conflicts and fights like real life romances have.

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