By Susan Squires
Love Spell - March 2002
ISBN: 0505524724 - Paperback
Paranormal Romance - Regency, London
for Very graphic scenes

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Behind every dark tunnel there is a light at the end…

Sarah Aston, Lady Clevancy, stumbles upon a gruesome murder scene. There she also finds the mysterious Julien 'Davinoff' as a bystander near the horrific crime scene. His dark enchanting eyes seem to entrance her as she first gazes upon them. Those same mystic eyes follow her thoughts as she continues on her journey to Bath for the season. Once she arrives at Bath she is surprised to see her path once again is to meet with Davinoff. She finds he is able to invoke feelings that are both intriguing and frightening. What secrets does this mysterious man hold? Will she be able to uncover the darkness that surrounds him? Or will she be placing herself in harms way by allowing her self to get close to him?

Julien Davinoff is the optimum of all that is dark and unholy. He hides the secret that he walks with the undead as a Vampire. He is unmoved at the acquisitions that suggests he is responsible or the growing numbers of serial murders. Upon meeting Sarah Ashton, he knows she has the power to have him seek out the light that has been denied from him for centuries. Her smile radiates a beam that penetrates his hardened heart. Will it be fair to drag her into the madness that he calls his world?

With dark emotional passages, Susan Squires writes a very compelling paranormal romance. Her writing style will not only delight you, it will shock you at what unspeakable limitations she has had her characters face. She has definitely made her mark in the paranormal gene - one that will not easily be forgotten!

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