Shades of Honor
By Wendy Lindstrom
ISBN: 0312982836 - June 2002
St. Martins Press - Paperback
Historical Romance - 1870

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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Radford Grayson returns home to Fredonia, New York, hoping to find peace and a release from his nightmares. He carries the memories of his service in the Union Army and the horrors of the war. He is seeking stability for his 4-year-old daughter Rebecca, whose mother deserted her, and whose nanny abused her.

Radford hopes to begin working in the family mill, but his brother, Kyle, who had built up the business in Radford's absence, doesn't want him there. Instead Kyle places Radford in charge of the livery business, which is owned by his future father-in-law, William Tucker, and being worked by his fiancée, Evelyn. Radford is unhappy about this but owes William so accepts the position at the livery business, much to Evelyn's unhappiness.

Evelyn finds herself attracted to Radford against her better judgment, but has concerns about his demons. The attraction is mutual but the two fight against it, not wanting to hurt Kyle or cause discord in the family.

The plot is well developed. The story moves at a steady pace with excellent character development. Much thought is given to family loyalties and responsibilities and to the affect of war on an individual. The author has successfully evoked the spirit of the place and the people of the time.

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