By Jaye Roycraft
Imajinn Books - July 2002
ISBN: 1893896781 - Paperback
Romance - Paranormal

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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A woman seeking a quieter existence . . .

Shelby Cort found that she was a victim caught up in the chaotic lifestyle of a big city police department. Seeking a quieter environment, she accepts a position to be the local Sheriff in the quiet lakefront town of Shadow Bay, Michigan. Shadow Bay was suppose to offer her a peaceful opportunity to gain the solace her soul so desperately needed. Unexpectedly, the local privy digger discovers a series of dead bodies. It is up to Shelby to find the culprit that is responsible for wreaking havoc on her peaceful little town. She enlists the help of the new Medical Examiner, Ric De Chaux. In Ric she finds an ally and deep down she knows there is so much more to be discovered.

A man ready to explore the living . . .

Richard De Chaux, had the notorious reputation of being known as le docteur la mort and ex-Paramont for the Undead in France. He has been avoiding human existence for centuries and slowly makes his way back into society by becoming Overlord of the local undead in Shadow Bay. His hidden lifestyle is masked by his position as the local Medical Examiner. When he discovers evidence that links the latest murder victims to one of the undead, he knows he must keep this secret from the local Sheriff, Shelby Cort. In Shelby he sees someone who is a threat to not only his society but also to his heart.

With each book I read in this captivating series, I find myself quickly needing more of this extraordinary writer's talent. The author intertwines her own police background to lay the foundation needed to create very realistic elements. Paranormal fans world-wide, be sure to commit the name Jaye Roycraft to memory - she is quickly blazing a fiery trail in the romance industry with her superb writing style.

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