Silhouette Intimate Moments 1169
By Laurey Bright
Harlequin - August 2002
ISBN: 0373272391
for mature content

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Her past had returned to expose her secrets . . .

Twenty-eight year old Shahna Reeves lived a very quiet lifestyle in the quaint Hokianga Harbor. She was unprepared at the unexpected arrival of Kier Remington. The circumstances that surrounded their past relationship came flooding back with one look into Kier's memorizing eyes. In her mind she must remind herself that their relationship was a matter of convenience, or was it?

He returned with a purpose . . .

Kier Remington was a self-made millionaire who was a key player in Australia's business and financial world. After a three-year absence he returned to Hokiango Harbor. His primary intent was to seek out the one woman who had been on his mind since his last encounter. What he will find there will have the power to uproot his entire existence.

This is the first Laurey Bright novel I have read, and certainty will not be my last! Her broad descriptive passages enable me to fully appreciate the true meaning that is behind every story. Her masterfully crafted writing style, that she so effortlessly displays, will have readers begging to find more installments of her work. Books such as these make my job as a book reviewer a very rewarding experience.

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