By Mary Campisi
Zebra- August 2002
ISBN: 081272813 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance
Rating - strong love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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Apple pie . . .star lit nights . . . butterflies . . .These are the simple riches that make the world go around.

Alexandra 'Alex' Chamberlain was orphaned at an early age. Her Uncle and Aunt raised her, and she grew up craving the attention of her guardians. She discovered that the key to obtaining the attention she craved was through working with her Uncle. Her job as a Scouter allowed her to seek out future building sites for luxury resorts. Unknowingly to her prey, she would move into the very town that she had pin pointed out to learn secrets that would almost guarantee she was successful in her venture. Her latest project was located in the small quaint town of Restalline, Pennsylvania. A widow and her son were the only thing that stood in her way from gaining their prized land. What was to be an easy conquest was met with resistance and emotion that she had never counted on feeling.

Dr. Nick Androvich had returned to his hometown of Restalline with haunting memories and a small son to raise. He had lost his wife in a Chicago inferno that he felt was partially his fault. He was intent on trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild his shattered life. He relished the fact that life never seemed to change in his loveable home place - no matter how many years you stayed away. He was determined to make a new life for both himself and his son.

The forces that brought Nick and Alex together are the ones that will surely tear one of them apart. Which one of these strong individuals would win out and accept the change the other one offers?

This makes the second Mary Campisi novel that I have had the privilege of reading/reviewing. As in fine wine, her writing style only gets better with age. This beautiful story will have you longing to revisit your home place. Her smooth compelling plot will leave other authors green with envy. Such flawless writing is to be commended.

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