By Marie A Roy
Treble Heart Books - 2001
ISBN 1931742251 PB
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde, MyShelf.com
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Back in the late 1960s, Lia Stewart had planned to elope with Sean McIntyre but he stood her up. Thirty years later, Lia is busy with her job in a New England museum, her husband is dead, and her son lives on the other side of the country. She receives a call from her old father, who still lives back in Vermont, asking for her help. Arriving back in Split Maple Ridge, she finds her father up a tree protesting against developers, demanding what he thinks is a Native American site to be excavated. But even this isn't straightforward. Not only does Pop fall out of his tree and break his leg, but the boss of the construction company turns out to be Sean!

Set against a backdrop of backwoods Vermont, this simple but rather charming modern love story blossoms. Romances dealing with dewy-eyed teenagers are ubiquitous, but this is one that has a leading lady who is nearly fifty. This makes for a pleasant change - you are never too old to fall in love! Adding another dimension to the tale is the fact that both Sean and most of his construction team are all Vietnam vets. Part of the story deals with how they are coping with life thirty years on, but part of them is still fighting the war. Alleviating all this is the irascible Pop, a real old-timer who is determined to have his way. Entertaining stuff.

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