Suspicious Minds by Kim Cox
RFI West, Inc - Jan. 2002
ISBN: 1586974491 - Ebook
Romantic Suspense - intense love scene…

Reviewed by Mary Lynn, MyShelf.Com

Natalie Southard, a broker in her father's firm, is determined to find out why her father Sam is associating with a known criminal. One night she enters his locked office to search for a clue as to what he's hiding from her. She doesn't get very far before she's interrupted by another would-be sloop. To her amazement, it's her new boyfriend and fellow broker, Tom Randolph, who claims he was inspecting her father's phone for bugs, but Natalie knows that he actually planted the bug. Unaware that his name isn't actually Tom Randolph and that he has a hidden agenda, she decides to continue seeing him in an effort to learn what she can from him.

Before long, both Tom and Natalie find their attraction to each other rapidly increasing. Tom longs to confide in Natalie, but fears that might endanger his plans to take down her father. When the elder Southard is murdered, Tom finds that he is a suspect. Although he can't regret Sam Southard's dead, he does want to comfort Natalie. In the midst of trying to unravel the mystery behind Sam Southard's death, Tom and Natalie succumb to their mutual desire. Soon after, they both have reason to fear for their own lives.

On reading the prologue of this book, set in a morgue, I immediately knew I was in for an intriguing read. I was not disappointed. Suspicious Minds is a fast moving, suspenseful, and romantic novel. Ms. Cox has done an excellent job of giving each of her characters, including Sam Southard, rich, detailed personalities, so that all of their motivations felt real to me, even when I didn't agree with them. Readers looking for a good suspense novel and tender yet passionate love story combined in one book, need look no further than Kim Cox's Suspicious Minds.


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