Tamed by Your Desire
Brides of the Bloodstone, No. 2
By Jen Holling
Sonnet Books (Pocket Books) - June 2002
ISBN: 0743438035
Romance / Historical / Slightly paranormal

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Jen Holling brings romance readers the second tale in her Brides of Bloodstone Trilogy. The trilogy is about two warring families, the Grahams and the Maxwells; both want the magical Bloodstone rumored to protect the one who holds it. The story begins in 1482 when a Graham weds a Maxwell. The wedding becomes an ambush, and the stone disappears. Only the bride, made a widow on her wedding night, knows who has the stone.

Sixty years later, in 1542, Ridley Graham -- an unsavory character if I ever read one -- has complete control of his sisters and brother after rewriting their father's will. Now he wants the mythical protection of the Bloodstone and prime property in Scotland. His reign of torment begins in "Tamed by Your Touch" when he forces sister Caroline into a self-serving wedding. Now it's sister Fayth's turn. At the beginning of "Tamed by Your Desire" Ridley is delivering Fayth to her future husband - a cruel, old letch. On the way, Fayth escapes and comes face to face with Red Alex Maxwell. Red is seeking revenge against Fayth. He also wants to keep her from marrying the man who owns the Tower he has taken over, because once they marry, the Tower goes to Ridley. Fayth and Alex have a bit of history between them from "Tamed by Your Touch," and trust me, it would be well worth looking the book up to find out first hand what it is. Fayth ends up being hunted like a rabbit by both parties, and neither is offering the kind of life her father had promised her, so Fayth takes her life in her own hands and strives to create her own fate and possibly find the Bloodstone.

Ms. Holling has successfully blended the second title in her series with the first. Readers can expect even more exploits, passion and insight into the Graham and Maxwell families as the fate of the Bloodstone and the witches who have stood guard over it are revealed. "Tamed by Your Desire" is an exciting adventure for the romantic at heart. At the back of the book is just a taste of the next title in the series, "Captured by Your Kiss" - and a perfect teaser might I add. Even if one hasn't read the first in the trilogy, not to worry, some points are explained, but again, it's well worth searching out the first in the series and enjoy it from the beginning.

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