Irish Eyes Romance Series, 2
By Lisa Hendrix
Jove Publications - April 2000
ISBN: 0515127868 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance / Ireland

Reviewed By Suzie Housley,
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Reporter Tara Brid O'Connell is determined to do a story on rich Irish playboy, Brian Hanrahan. She travels to his hometown of Kilbooly and discovers another fascinating story just waiting to be revealed. At a pub, she learns from the local ladies that there hasn't been a single marriage in the village in the past four years. When she suggests that the ladies cut the men off from all creature comforts, the women readily agree, and chaos immediately transforms the village. How long will the boycott last? And which side will be the winner?

Brian Hanrahan lives a carefree life in Kilbooly. As one of Ireland's richest men, he has never wanted for anything. He is stunned when his grandmother threatens to disinherit him if he does not settle down and produce a grandchild. The only candidate that remotely interests him is Tara Brid O'Connell. Her mettlesome suggestions have gotten the entire village into an uproar. Will he be the one to step forward and break the four-year, no marriage tradition?

Lisa Hendrix has done a superb job in her creation of TO MARRY AN IRISH ROGUE. I found myself being transported into the mystical fields of Ireland by her broad, descriptive language. Her delightful cast of characters will have readers begging for a sequel. She also adds just enough humor to keep her readers well-entertained.

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