By Allie McCormack
ISBN: 0744303257 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Kristie Leigh Maguire,
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Tracie Campbell was just sixteen years old but the look in her eyes would tell you that she was older in experience than she was in age. She had never had a real childhood. Her abusive father had stolen her youth and innocence from her. Tracie had no choice; she had to run.

And run she did; right into the warm arms of caring strangers who gave her something that her own father could never give her - love without strings, the chance to be free, unafraid of dark happenings behind closed doors.

Tracie had finally found a safe haven at M&J's Truck Stop in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The owners of the small truck stop, Marsha and Joe, took her in and gave her a home and a job.

And then there was Mike Gallagher, the big handsome trucker, who took her under his protective wing in a brotherly fashion. MikeAngel the truckers called him on the CB. To Tracie, he indeed looked like the Archangel Michael, come to earth in human form. He was the most handsome guy she had ever laid eyes on. And he treated her like a little sister, which was fine with her, as she trusted no man. But Mike seemed so very different in some way. Somehow she didn't think she wanted Mike to think of her as a sister.

Allie McCormack has created a very compelling story in TRUCK STOP. Not only does she give the reader a love story and a happy ending for a young lady who has suffered a lifetime of abuse but she has given us the majestic splendor of Wyoming too. What more can a reader ask for? TRUCK STOP by Allie McCormack has been added to my shelf of favorite books.

Kristie Leigh Maguire is the author of "Desert Triangle," "Emails from the Edge," co-author of "No Lady and Her Tramp," contributor to "Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online."

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