By Billy Dee Williams & Elizabeth Alkins Bowman
Tom Doherty Associates - July 2002
ISBN: 0312879091 - Hardcover
Fiction /Contemporary / Romantic suspense

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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D Anthony Whittaker, "Sonny", is a screen idol and a womanizer. He is currently filming an epic saga in Rio de Janeiro. He is also involved in a bitter custody battle for his two daughters. His ex-wife is the daughter of one of Hollywood's most powerful producers but Sonny will do anything to keep and protect his daughters. They are the most important things in his life.

Simone Thompson, a California judge who is a staunch advocate for children's rights, arrives in Rio to attend the wedding of her friend, Marie, who is to marry Sonny's director, Norris. Simone is haunted by the desire to learn the identity of her father but her mother refuses to divulge his identity.

Both, as well as others of the cinema world, are targets of a stalker called "Narcissus". Bodyguards are protecting everyone but no one has a clue to Narcissus' identity.

Sonny and Simone meet and there are instant fireworks. They are intensely attracted to each other; however, there is a conflict of interest. Simone is the person who will decide Sonny's court battle and her involvement with Sonny would jeopardize her decision.

After 35 years, Simone's mother reveals to her father who his daughter is. He uses the information to discredit Simone in her legal rulings.

This thriller is filled with drama, suspense, romance and sex. It has lots of characters fully described - some likeable, some sleazy and some despicable.

The settings of Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon rain forest are beautifully described. The descriptions of the filming of the movie are graphic.

There is enough action that this would make an excellent TV movie. Of course this is not surprising knowing who Billy Dee Williams is.

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