By Pamela Johnson
Echelon Press - September 2001
ISBN: 1590800583 - eBook
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley, Myshelf.Com
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Gabe Russell was haunted by the deathbed promise that he had made to his father to do whatever it took to save the family farm. When the debts escalated out of control, he was powerless to stop the bank from foreclosing on his life's dream. Two year's later, he was still determined to find a way to regain his home but another new obstacle blocked his path - Tess Graham.

Tess Graham needed to find a place to rebuild her shattered life and regain her self-esteem. She was the victim of an abusive husband who robbed her of her innocence, money, and heart. When her supervisor offered her the ideal solution to take up residence at a local secluded farm, she readily accepted. She hoped this new change of scenery would allow her to forget the painful memories that dwelled in her mind. Upon her arrival, she soon met the former owner, Gabe Russell. She was surprised to discover the immediate attraction that existed. Would she have the courage to put her tragic past behind her and discover what secrets the future held?

Pamela Johnson does a marvelous job in writing UNFINISHED DREAMS. She masterfully allows her readers to experience the heart wrenching circumstances that consume both of her unforgettable characters. I was impressed with how effortlessly she was able to have me wrapped up in the story line within a matter of pages. Talent such as she effortlessly exhibits are a rarity that is not to be missed!

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