By Laurie Alice Eakes
Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.- 2002
ISBN: 1587491230 - e-book
Historical romance / for explicit scenes

Reviewed by: Amy Mehta, MyShelf.com
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"Unmarriageable" is a wonderful, turn-of-the-century historical romance, complete with brave damsel in distress and her dashing young bachelor.
This story, however, puts a different spin on the typical romance, and presents the old stereotypical story in a new and very interesting way.

The location is England shortly after the Civil War. Lady Christina is a beautiful woman nearing the ripe old age of 22. Her parents have tired of covering up her antics in a way that will allow them to maintain their good name, and have now found a way of disposing of her and of improving their standing in society in the process. They have chosen a fairly repulsive contemporary of her father's as her bridegroom. Her father intends for the union to gain him an ally in his opposition to the new ideas of reform that have been sweeping through the Parliament. Christina, being a fairly intelligent and courageous young woman, naturally opposes the arrangement and sets out to find a way to avoid the dreaded marriage. She has decided that a woman, once married, becomes a slave, and decides that she will avoid this awful fate at any cost.

The story is full of wonderful intrigues and twists, and, although a few parts of the ending are slightly unrealistic, the tale over all is a delight and a very entertaining read. I highly recommend this story to anyone that enjoys a good and thought-provoking romance that will sweep you up into the English countryside as you follow Christina on her numerous adventures. Along the way, there is a spurned fiancée and loyal servants that keep the story rolling to form a tale that is never boring, and just a good, fun read. Pick up a copy and prepare to be entertained; you will certainly not be disappointed.

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