Whisper My Name
By Tara Manderino
Awe-Struck eBooks - 2002
ISBN: 1-58749-150-8 - eBook
Romance / Historical / Deaf Character

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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The title "Whisper My Name" may seem like a typical title for a romance, but for this one it's quite unique. The leading lady, Lucia Everand, is deaf. She speaks and lip-reads quite well. After spending her teen years fighting the handicaps that come with losing one's hearing at the age of 12, Lucia still secretly desires to hear -- in her heart -- true love whisper her name.

Lucia's brother, Roger, has been gone too long. An abusive, nauseating squire has semi settled into Lucia's life, making plans for her. Justin Drake, the seventh Earl of Ashton, is the one person Roger told Lucia to go to should she need help. Lord Ashton is also worried about Roger, his best operative and friend. He meets Lucia and later accompanies her and her aunt to their country home, Ravens Peak, in the hopes of finding clues to his friend's disappearance. Lucia isn't aware of Roger's secret life. Instead she fears something worse, but doesn't confide completely in Ashton. Ashton, in turn, doesn't tell Lucia the truth about Roger. Secrecy and distrust put their lives in danger. Can they recover and find Roger? Will Lucia be forced to live the rest of her life with a man that hates the sound of her natural voice, instead of hearing in her heart the voice of the one man she desires?

If you are looking for a romance to restore you faith in love and relationships, this is it. "Whisper My Name" is a historical romance of heartache, compassion, and love in their truest form. Tara Manderino pens a tale of romance, mystery and espionage -- the kind that will have readers cheering the hero, hissing the evildoer, and shouting words of warning to the heroine. Although this particular espionage story line has been done many times in historical romances and mysteries, it's the characters that bring this one to the forefront of those before it.

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