By C C Colee
AmErica House - October 2001
ISBN 1588513785 PB
Historical Romance - 1720, various locations

Reviewed by: Rachel A Hyde, MyShelf.com
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Young Aubrey Malone lives in London as a virtual prisoner of her uncle since the death of her parents. All her uncle can think of is marrying her off to the highest bidder. He constantly reminds her that she is half-Irish - a grave sin in his English eyes. When things come to a head over a particularly ghastly suitor, she runs away. But why does it seem so easy to secure passage on a ship? Who is secretly watching her and for what reason? When pirates capture the ship, she finds herself the special interest of the gallant Jean-Luc Pierne; but Rene Black, the pirate captain, covets her also - and he is the dreaded "RB"…

The pair of authors that make up "C C Colee" have turned their attentions to creating a descriptive pirate vessel and manage to keep up the aura of mystery nicely but need to work on their pacing as the speed of this novel creeps along rather too slowly. I found myself craving for a bit more pirate adventure and a bit more passion instead of the repetitive discussions between the protesting Aubrey and her reluctant captor. The beginning of the book where Aubrey flees from her awful uncle is the most thrilling episode. I hope that in the second part of this trilogy, more exciting escapades are planned for the protagonists. This is a well-realized setting that the reader can picture in their mind's eye and only needs a bit of excitement to bring it to life.

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