By Susanna Carr
Heartline Books - January 2002
ISBN 1903867312 - PB
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde,
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It should have been the happiest day of Jessica Parks' life when she walked down the aisle with handsome Devlin Hunter but it wasn't. It was an arranged marriage in an attempt to save the family business, Parks Software Systems. Jessica was only standing in for the bride - her twin sister, Tracy, who was off clinching a business deal. Somehow though it all went wrong and Jessica found herself really married to Devlin. She didn't like it one bit. There was a lot wrong here and the past would resurface before anything like wedded bliss could be achieved!

The Wrong Bride is an entertaining romance that is well paced and has just enough plot, sex and romance to keep the pages turning and the reader (this one anyway) feeling surprised and a bit sad that it had to come to an end. The characters were sketched in enough detail and it all fizzes as happily as a glass of champagne. If you want a deep novel with lots of sub plots, very in-depth characterization and stacks of background detail, then you can look elsewhere. But if a light romantic read is more your bag, then this ought to appeal to you.

Heartline Books is a new company that provides four romances a month. Their books can either be bought in the shops or via a mail order club. Check them out at and see what you are missing. If you like romance and they are all as entertaining as this one, then this ought to suit - nice to find a romance publishers that is based in the UK for once! The link is:

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