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Publisher:   iUniverse, Inc
Release Date:  February 2003
ISBN:   059526882X
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre:   Historical Romance - time travel
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Sheila Griffin
Reviewer Notes:  

A.D. 62: Pompeii
By Rebecca East

      Miranda is a quiet young woman. Most of her friends live between the pages of books about ancient Rome. But at heart, she is an adventurer. Once science discovers a way to send people into the past, she leaps at the chance. A safety device is implanted into her arm, which will enable her to return home at any time.

      When she arrives in Imperial Roman Pompeii, in 62 A.D., Miranda immediately finds herself in trouble. Immersed in deep water, she is rescued by opportunistic fishermen who sell her into slavery. Miranda is purchased by the household of Marcus Tullius. Fortunately, she will be a house slave. Unfortunately, the mistress of the house, Holconia, dislikes her immediately.

      When Miranda is nearly raped, it's time to go home. She prepares to return... she presses the button in her arm... nothing happens! Frantic, she presses it again and again, but still nothing happens!

      Miranda decides return to her mistress rather than face the plight of a runaway slave. Holconia has Miranda beaten and demands that she be sold. Marcus refuses and an argument ensues. In the end Marcus has his way and Miranda stays.

       After Miranda's back heals, the master's daughter, Tullia, discovers that Miranda tells wonderful stories. Soon Miranda becomes Tullia's personal slave. As Miranda interacts more with the family she finds herself falling in love with Marcus.

        Miranda goes to Marcus with a prophecy of the future. She tells of a great earthquake that will soon occur. When this prophecy proves to be true, her status increases... but not in the eyes of Holconia. While Marcus is away, Holconia puts in motion a plan to sell Miranda.

       This enjoyable book ends seventeen years before the Mount Vesuvius eruption that will obliterate the city. I'd like to know more about the years leading up to and following this event. Hopefully, Ms. East will provide an exciting sequel that will satisfy my curiosity.

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