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Publisher:   Avon
Release Date:  June 24, 2003
ISBN:   0380820064
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Sheila Griffin
Reviewer Notes: Rated E for Explicit Sex 

And Then He Kissed Me
By Patti Berg

     Cole Sheridan has always been there for his sister. He was there when they were children being raised in a commune by their hippie parents. He was there when her daughters where born. He was there when she died. Now he's still there for her, raising her daughters in a loving home.

     Juliete Bridger is frustrated. Thirty-two years old and she's done it all. She's been an actress in low-budget slasher films. She's been the star of a hit TV show. She's been a mystery writer. She's even been the model for a video game heroine! Suddenly she realizes that she doesn't know who she is anymore. She is tired of everyone telling her what to do and what to eat and how to dress and how to act. She misses picnics in the park with hot dogs and her dad's homemade potato salad. She needs to get back to the simple life that she knew growing up. Maybe then she'll be able to get her head together. In the middle of a fabulous Fourth of July party for 200 jet-setting acquaintances, she jumps in her hot pink Mustang and takes off for parts unknown.

     Juliete's first stop is the Ritzy Glitzy Salon to turn her signature blond hair jet black. Then it's off to The Gaudy Galore for some skintight clothes. Then outside of Plentiful, Wyoming her car breaks down. She's rescued by Cole, who tows her into town. Soon she discovers that her wallet is missing. Needing money to fix her car, she agrees to temporary employment as Cole's nanny. Little does she know that he's raising five little girls under the age of seven!

     Set in the same town as the author's previous novel, Stuck on You, this book reunites us with some of my favorite people: Scarlette, owner of the local bookstore; Molly, owner of the Misty Moon Saloon; and of course, the three charter members of the Tuesday Morning Sleuths Society Mildred - Ida, Mae, and Lillian. Told in Ms. Berg's usual fun style, this is a great book!

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