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Publisher: IUniverse 
Release Date: July 2003 
ISBN: 0595284264 
Format Reviewed:
Advance Reading Copy 
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Genre:  Romance/Historical
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Suzie Housley 
Reviewer Notes:  

And They Called Her General Leigh
By Janet Elaine Smith 

     Leigh Davis had always tried to make her father, General Alexander Davis, proud by walking in his footsteps. When war was declared, being female forced her to stay at home; what she wanted most was to go fight for her country. Instead, she came up with the idea to deliver food and supplies to Harper's Ferry. Donning her buckskins and tucking her braids under her hat allowed her the freedom to journey while the war raged around her. Her disguise was very convincing, it fooled the men in camp; they assumed she was General Davis's son and nicknamed her 'General Leigh'.

     Fate one day brought Grant Sinclair to her, he had been wounded and needed medical attention. She decided to tend his wound and nurse him back to health, for she was his only hope of surviving. Both Grant and Leigh are keeping major secrets. How will they react when their secrets are revealed?

     Janet Elaine Smith has once again penned another winning story. Being a huge fan of the Civil War time period, I marveled at the accuracy she displayed by using actual historic monuments and events. More than once I questioned myself if I was reading fact or fiction, I consulted my history books to see if there was ever a Leigh Davis or Grant Sinclair. When an author writes with this level of intensity you know it makes for an unforgettable reading experience.