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Publisher: Avon Books/Harper Collins
Release Date: Feb 2003
ISBN: 03808119090
Format Reviewed: paperback
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Genre: Regency Romance / Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

A Necessary Bride
By Debra Mullins  

     Justin St James, the "Devil Earl", needs a bride to be used as camouflage while he tries to find the murderer of his cousin's fiancée, Ophelia, and to help his sister, Emily, with her introduction into Society. Justin was exiled years ago when everyone believed he was the murderer. He made a fortune overseas and inherited the earldom.

     He proposes to Meg Stanton-Lynch, an American in London to enjoy the season with no desire to marry. She is not disturbed by Justin's reputation and finds him very appealing. He finds himself extremely attracted to Meg, but is afraid of his feelings. Together they investigate the fourteen people who were in the house when Ophelia was killed. When Emily is not immersed in her anger about her family's desertion, she aids them in their amateur efforts.

     Only if Justin can remove the stigma from his name can he truly make his marriage a true one.

     This is an extremely enjoyable Regency romance/mystery. The attraction between Justin and Meg is enchanting and appealing. The sleuthing by the three amateurs is a delight to follow. The dialogue is witty. The characters are true to the period with a glimpse into the society of the times. This is an engaging story of the adventures of two appealing characters.

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