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Publisher:   HarperAudio
Release Date:  April 29, 2003
Format Reviewed: Audio Cassette 
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Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes:  

Asking For Trouble
By Elizabeth Young

       The truth shall set you free . . .

      Thirty-year-old Sophy Metcalfe found herself in a dilemma: her younger sister Belinda was about to get married. To appease her mother, who was forever trying to pressure her into a relationship, she has fabricated a nonexistence boyfriend, "Dominic." She had described Dominic as the perfect mate; her lies of his great successes quickly spread like wild fire. She knew a special event such as a wedding would require an appearance from the elusive Dominic. Out of desperation, she sought out an escort service. She hired an escort to pose as Dominic and to accompany her to the wedding. Having never seen whom the agency paired her with, she is surprised when Josh Carmicheal arrives at her door. His rugged good looks and honest personality quickly have her head and heart spinning out of control. What type of impact is this man about to have on her future?

      Elizabeth Young has written an exquisite work of art. The laugh-out-loud humor she incorporates in this book makes for a delightful reading experience. Read by Jasmine Hyde, who offers her own up-beat personality and British accent, the characters seem to magically take shape and come alive in your head. I think what I like best about this book is the similarities Sophy and I share. Being 30 and single, I can fully relate to the many pressures and demands people put upon you to find that special someone. Coming from a single person's point-of-view, Elizabeth Young has captured the emotions of what it is like to be single perfectly. I look forward to discovering more of this author's fresh approach to the wild and wacky world of romance. Very highly recommended.

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