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Publisher: Sonnet Books / Pocket Books
Release Date: December 31, 2002
ISBN: 0743438043
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
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Genre: Romance / Historical / slightly paranormal (England, Scotland, 1542)
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:

Captured by Your Kiss
Brides of the Bloodstone
By Jen Holling 

     Now here is a little something for the serious romance reader, the lover of trilogies. Jen Holling's Brides of the Bloodstone series is romance, magic and adventure, skillfully written and easy to follow from book to book.

     It's 1542 in West March, England, and the Graham/Maxwell dispute continues. Ridley Graham is determined not only to acquire the Bloodstone, but to wed his late father's widow.

     Mona Graham, the mystic stepmother and widow, needs to escape Ridley's control and find the Bloodstone before he does. She turns to her late husband's enemy, Patrick Maxwell, who is now Ridley's prisoner.

     Patrick Maxwell has been trapped in the Graham prison longer than any other prison he has experienced. His only chance of escape is with the help of Old Man Graham's widow, who's said to be a Witch. His desire for freedom is so strong he doesn't care.

     The Bloodstone protects all those who possess it. They will remain undefeated in war and gain riches as long as they hold the precious stone with supernatural powers. Both families want it, but only one can retain it. Which family will it be?

     It's a daring tale of two families, their feud, their passions, their anger, their revenge and their reunion. Old fans will have no trouble keeping up as everything is revealed and explained. New fans will become addicted instantly.

     Captured by Your Kiss is the third title in the Brides of Bloodstone trilogy. Be sure to order Tempted by Your Touch and Tamed by Your Desire to discover the all-embracing tale of the Bloodstone and those mystically linked to it. Two stand-alone romances I recommend are: Holling's historical romance, Forever My Lady and paranormal romance, A Time for Dreams.

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