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Publisher: Five Star  
Release Date: July 2003  
ISBN: 0786253355 
Format Reviewed:  
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Genre: Romantic suspense  
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer  
Reviewer Notes:  

Caught In the Act
By Joyce Lamb  

     While investigating a story accusing the police of improper behavior, newspaper reporter Jessie Rhoades' car is involved in a near-fatal accident. She is rescued from the wreck by Clay Christopher, a freelance reporter who retired when his wife died. Suspecting that her accident was contrived to prevent her further investigation, Clay is drawn out of his seclusion to investigate, and is thus given an incentive to live again.

      Together, they try to learn who wants to kill Jessie and is trying to ruin her paper. They find themselves drawn to each other, and helping to mend the wounds of their past. The relationship between Jessie and Clay is developed in depth, exploring how each resolves his problems and deepens their feelings for each other.

     This is an excellent investigative mystery with insights into the newspaper world, constant action and continuous suspense.