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Publisher: Harper Torch 
Release Date:  2003
ISBN: 0061081558
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre: Romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Jen Oliver
Reviewer Notes:  

Chance McCall
By Sharon Sala 

     Imagine being in love with someone whom you have known almost all of your life…Now imagine that that someone will have nothing to do with you since he works for your father, the father who pays no attention to you until you are ready to be married off. Then imagine the man that you have loved since you were a young child gets in a tragic accident and doesn't remember anything. Are you willing to stay and fight and allow him to find himself again? Even wait for him to figure out his childhood? This is what happens in Chance McCall and this is some of what had happened to Jennifer Ann Tyler and Chance McCall.

     Sharon Sala does an excellent job in having the reader feel emotion throughout this entire book, even causing this reader to cry during certain parts. Ms. Sala does a fantastic job in giving the reader a true sense of Chance and Jennifer's characters and the deep emotions that they have had for each other. The scenery of the ranch plays a key component in the story and it could not take place in too many other arenas.