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Publisher: Jove
Release Date: February 25, 2003
ISBN: 0515135216
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes: Mature, explicit scenes

Dark Symphony
By Christine Feehan 

Her voice penetrated his soul . . .

     Byron Justicano had been mesmerized the first time he heard the enchanting music that had the power to pierce his hardened heart. The hypnotic tune commanded him to seek out and find the majestic voice that had captured his attention. His journey led him to the Palazzo Della Morte where he found Antonietta Scarletti- his life mate. Antonietta had been blinded and scarred as a child in a boating accident that claimed the lives of her parents. She now lived with her grandfather, Don Giovanni Scarletti. Byron swore to protect her at any cost, for she brought life to his blackened existence.

He had sworn to protect her . . .

     Antonietta Scarletti sensed that Byron Justician was like no other man she had encountered. His obsession with her musical talents had brought her unspeakable joy. She felt he was oblivious to her imperfections, as he treated her like a precious treasured jewel. She fantasized that they were to become one. One frightful night an unknown assailant kidnapped her and her grandfather. Through telephonic messages, she called out to Bryon to save her from the evil clutches that held her prisoner. Her thoughts were able to reach him and he arrived in time to save her from a certain death. He vowed to find and conquer the danger he suspected exists within the walls of her beloved home. By doing so, will she discover some of his secrets that would reveal his true identity?

      In my eyes Christine Feehan is the Queen of Paranormal. Through her highly popular Carpathian series, she has entwined her writing in the hearts of millions of eager fans. Each one is highly anticipating the arrival of her next compelling book. In my experience as a reader/reviewer, I have never been more impressed with a continuing series as the one Ms. Feehan has created. I feel her books will long be remembered in the romance industry, and be passed down from generations to generations. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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