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Publisher: Warner Books
Release Date: April 2003
ISBN: 0446610534
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Historical Romance [1961, Scotland]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jeanine Jones,
Reviewer Notes: Reference to sex, tasteful

The Destiny
By Kathleen Givens 

     In a captivating 17th century tale oozing with Celtic history and mystical legend, Kathleen Givens has woven a spell-binding story of fated love, betrayal, greed and power, entwining action with romance, and suspense with intrigue in The Destiny, the sequel to The Legend.

     It’s 1691 and Neil MacCurrie of Scotland has traveled to France to meet with the deposed and exiled King James, hoping to help him regain the throne. However, the trip proves to be fruitless. Meanwhile, a corrupt King William of England has risen to power, much to Scotland’s repugnance. As MacCurrie begins his travel back towards Scotland, he is forced to detour through London where Scots are currently unwelcome. He is directed to Ronley Hall, a house in Warwickshire outside of London that is purported to be a safe haven, owned by a supporter of King James. After learning that Sir Adam Ronley is dead, MacCurrie poses as Jean-Paul Belmont, a French Huguenot, arising much suspicion with the replaced steward of the house, Milford, who is a follower and soldier of King William. Unsatisfied with MacCurrie’s disguise, Milford holds him as a prisoner at Ronley Hall to discern his true identity, which could result in MacCurrie’s death and the revelation of the power he holds as Earl of Torridon from Scotland. In an attempt to ascertain information from MacCurrie, Milford uses his servant girl, Eileen Ronley, the golden haired beauty who captures MacCurrie’s heart at first encounter. The two discover an immediate bond between them, and embracing this undeniable connection, Eileen aids in MacCurrie’s escape, which in turn sets a series of twisting events in motion, laced with a powerful secret that could threaten the throne, effecting generations before and generations to come.

     With a range of complex characters, each with a story of their own, yet all interlaced, you will grow to love a few thoroughly, and despise a few utterly, in this fast-paced saga that will recapture your attention with each turn of the page. With Givens’ strong historical background and talented abilities, you will be swept away to an era of daring adventure and romantic flair, an age when legends were born.

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