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Publisher: Crystal Dreams Publications
Release Date: Jan. 2002
ISBN: 1-59146-079-4
Format Reviewed:Trade paperback
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Genre: Romance
Reviewer: Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewer Notes: Reviewer Janet Elaine Smith is the author of A House Call to the Past, Monday Knight, My Dear Phebe, In St. Patrick’s Custody, Recipe For Murder, Dunnottar, Marylebone, A Christmas Dream

The Dream Garden
By Anna Marie Fritz 

     Ariane Murphy is an all-too-typical married woman of the 1960 era. Since her husband Henry is a traveling salesman, Ariane is often left alone to do her daily household chores—and to dream. Her “wants” are so simple: a real love affair, and a common flower garden she can nurture and care for.

     But Ariane’s garden can be nothing more than a dream garden. Henry has forbidden her to go out and dig up the yard or to plant her longed-for seeds and bulbs. The visions of morning glories were only in her mind. “The Dream Garden,” she named it. One day when Henry was on the road, Ariane sat alone gazing at the yard and imagining her dream garden. A car pulled into the yard and a man got out and walked towards her.

      Martin Anderson was an area handyman looking for work. Before she knew what was happening, Ariane was sharing her dream with this stranger. Soon he was digging in the yard, on his way to making her dream come true. As they got better acquainted, it became apparent that there were more than flowers growing between them. The magnetism between them was undeniable. But Martin would not cross that line; Ariane was somebody else’s wife. Eventually Martin and Henry met and Ariane’s dream turned to a nightmare. To distance himself from Ariane’s life, Martin disappeared. Only once was there any further contact made.

     Meanwhile Henry’s life as a traveling salesman, with a very active male libido, caught up with him. He ended up in a hospital and was confined to a wheelchair. The rest of Ariane’s life was one of servitude and loneliness—and dreams of the true love of her life. All that remained of Martin Anderson was her dream garden.

     The Dream Garden is a tender love story, reminding the reader of the dreams we all have. Some of us are lucky enough to have those dreams fulfilled, while others just dream our lives away. The Dream Garden has undertones that are very reminiscent of The Bridges of Madison County, but the ending of The Dream Garden is much more satisfying. For a touch of reality and a hope that dreams do come true, The Dream Garden is highly recommended.

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