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Publisher: Avon  / HarperColliins
Release Date:  July 2003
ISBN: 0-06-050811-6 
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre:  Regency Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith 
Reviewer Notes:  Sexual Content

Fool For Love
By Eloisa James 

     To love is to achieve the impossible.

     Lady Henrietta Maclellan has given up on marriage and children. No man would willingly overlook her deformed body. If by some miracle she could find a blind man to marry her, she still could not have children. More than one physician informed her that to birth a child could sign her death warrant. So, she has accustomed herself to the idea of a marriage of convenience. But her heart rebels at the thought of a loveless marriage when she meets Simon Darby.

     Simon Darby is accustomed to having his orders obeyed and no one questions his actions; no one until the delightful and beautiful Henrietta does, that is. He is definitely intrigued by the straight-backed woman with eyes that spark with temper. When he chances to meet her once again at his father's estate, he wonders if he can make her blue orbs darken with desire instead.

     Simon and Henrietta both dance to a different tune in Ms. James' delightful regency. The author gives the reader a fascinating sense of being there with her characters.

     Sizzling lovemaking; hot as a summer night but tender as the petals on a rosebud.