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Publisher:   Bantam Books
Release Date:  August 2003
ISBN:   0-553-58584-3
Format Reviewed:  
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Genre:   Regency Romance [Akora & Deimatos Islands]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit Sexual Content

Fountain Of Secrets
By Josie Litton

Ms. Litton's writing becomes a weapon of seduction in the second saga of her latest trilogy.

Gavin Hawkforte's quest to find out why the grounds of his Akoran home are elevated lead him to the Island of Deimatos. He must have credible facts to back up his findings before he seeks the help of the Akoran council. His search to prove a volcano under the island's surface could erupt-taking all he holds dear with it-uncovers the sole occupant of what should have been a deserted island.

Persephone's life for over a decade has been one of solitude. After her mother's death, she continues to survive on the Island named for Akora's treasonous enemy: Deilos. She shuns the larger islands of Akora except for infrequent trips for educational books and supplies. She has no need to linger where men rule and women serve. Her first encounter with Akoran prince Gavin, however, throws her into confusion; his behavior differs vastly from what she has come to expect of Akoran warriors.

Gavin is relieved when the lovely woman believes his theory of impending disaster. Her promise to help him convince the Akoran people is welcomed and she returns with him to his home. With the Vanax, their esteemed ruler away from the seat of power, it falls on Gavin's shoulders to convince his people of danger and to lead them to safety. As disaster looms closer, his and Persephone's relationship moves beyond respect and friendship to a higher plane of love and passion.

Readers will hang on every word and turn pages faster and faster to find out if the Island of Akora as well as Gavin and Persephone survive the fiery rain of lava as the world they know threatens to come apart. Ms. Litton peppers Fountain Of Secrets with excitement, suspense and as always with the truth of love.

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