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Publisher: Avon
Release Date: January 28, 2003
ISBN: 0060511508
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Historical Romance [Regency - Jan-Feb 1814 / Holiday-Valentine]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes: Explicit Content

The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown
By Quinn, Enoch, Hawkins, Ryan 

     Avon brings romance readers four entertaining historical romances under one cover. Each story is introduced by Lady Whistledown, a society gossip columnist. Lady Whistledown was created by Julia Quinn in her book, The Duke and I. The columnist's introductions and midstream comments show readers how it must have been back then, when everything one did in society was noted; but in the case of Lady Whistledown, her words of gossip tend to be words of wisdom in the end.

     The most enjoyable part of the stories is how they blend into each other. Each story has its own lead characters, but they are also mentioned in the other's stories, as well as the same play, skating party and Valentine's party.

One True Love - Suzanne Enoch
     Lady Anne Bishop has been promised to the Marquis of Halfurst. When she comes of age and enjoys a party or two, the Marquis shows up ready wed and return to the country. Let's just say the Marquis's trip will last longer than expected. A quick, entertaining read with a steamy, romantic scene.

Two Hearts - Karen Hawkins
     Lady Elizabeth Pritchard is single, intelligent and ready to settle down. Sir Royce Pemberley, one of Lady E.'s friends, wants to make sure his friend isn't taken advantage of. If Sir Royce isn't careful, he may be caught in his own trap. A sexy, delightful story full of witty banter - my favorite of the four.

A Dozen Kisses - Mia Ryan
     Marquis of Darington was injured in the war. Five years later, he returns to London Society. He runs into Lady Caroline Starling, the daughter of the woman he ordered from his home. Sparks fly and odd words are muttered. A very sweet love story.

Thirty-six Valentines - Julia Quinn
     Miss Susannah Ballister is wooed and jilted by a man she adores. Who better to show up at the dance and rub it in than his brother, the Earl of Renminster? He disapproved of her, yet all it took to get her back in a society that shunned her was one dance with him. The affects are lingering and not just for the Ton. A steamy love story proving that everything and everyone are not as they seem.

     Each story is as entertaining as the next. Without a doubt, these four steamy regencies will leave you smiling. The stories are set up to end on Valentine's Day, but trust me; they are enjoyable all year around.

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