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Publisher: Ballantine Books/Random House, Inc.
Release Date: July 2003
ISBN: 0-345-46227-0
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes: Explicit Sexual content

Gone Too Far
By Suzanne Brockmann 

      Ms. Brockmann gives readers another breath-taking tale with her latest novel.

     When Sam Starrett makes an unscheduled trip to Sarasota, Florida to discover why his almost ex-wife has not returned his phone calls, he finds more than he wanted to; a dead woman presumed to be the mother of his child. For the first time in his Navy Seal career, his training leaves him. He calls the only person that can help-but Alyssa Locke, the woman he loves and who he left for another-arrives on the scene instead.

     Alyssa is stunned when the man from her past calls. She is torn by her emotions; she would love to tell him to take a hike, but when Sam tells her Mary Lou was murdered and he can't find his daughter Haley, she scrambles into full alert as an FBI operative. And when her plane touches down in the Sunshine State, she finds a different man from the "love 'em and leave 'em cowboy" who stole her heart several years before.

     A shattered Sam knows Alyssa will never forgive him, but her promise to help him gives him hope; they can at least be friends. When her boss gives them forty-eight hours to track down any leads, he is sure it is because Max Bhagat is in love with Alyssa himself. To make matters worse, his former commander is being held for questioning in a terrorism attack that now seems to involve Mary Lou; the authorities would like nothing better than to throw Sam's butt in holding right along with him.

    Alyssa knows her duty, but her heart is screaming for her to help Sam. Against her better judgment, she decides to detour from her appointed route, and when he turns to her in grief, she cannot bear to tell him no. The flame she thought she had stamped out burns even brighter. As they close in on the terrorist factor and get closer to recovering Sam's daughter, she realizes that he will never be perfect-just Sam.

    Ms. Brockmann is the Matriarch of Romantic Suspense. She not only blends loose ends together, she brings back characters you already know and love. I have been a fan of hers for years and she continues to blow me away with endearing characters and complex plots. Thank you, Suzanne.

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