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Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: October 2002
ISBN: 0373226845
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Romantic Suspense / Anthology
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes:

Gypsy Magic
Harelquin Intrigue, No. 684
By Rebecca York, Ann Voss Peterson, and Patricia Rosemoor

     In the deep dark of night a gypsy's curse rang through the swampy bayou - "Love is blind, love is death, love is impotant". Swiftly her words travel to find and reek havoc on all those responsible for her pain and misery. No one is capable of escaping the force of gypsy magic. . .

Allesandra  by Rebecca York
     Carlo Mustov had been found guilty of murdering his lover, Theresa Granville, ten years prior. He had been sentenced to die for the horrific crime it was said he was responsible for committing. Wyatt Bourdreauz , a former police detective specializing in tying up loose ends that could set a criminal free, had made a promise to his father to return to Les Baux, Louisiana - the scene of the crime. As Carlo's execution date approached, Wyatt decided it was time to live up to his promise. What will he discover once he starts reviewing the facts of the case?

Alessander King was the cousin of Carol Mustrov. She believed that he had been falsely accused of murdering Theresa Granville. She was determined to find the evidence to prove his innocence. Her search led to Wyatt Bourdreaux. Upon seeing Wyatt, she realized that he held a special place in her heart - a place that deserved to be revisited and explored.

Sabrina  by Ann Voss Peterson
     Garner Rousseau was an attorney who agreed to help Sabrina King prove her cousin Carlo's innocence. He refused to allow to give into the growing attraction he felt for Sabrina - for doing so would put her life in grave danger.

Andrei  by Patricia Rosemoor
      Andrei Sobatka was determined to join the quest to help prove Carlo's innocence. His venture led him to the home of the slain victim. There he found her daughter Elizabeth. 'Lizzie" had once laid in his arms and declared her love, only to flee once the sun shone on a new day. Years later as she stood before him, he once again felt the heat that still existed between them. Although he was incapable of taking advantage of the love she was radiating, he was still determined to help her piece together the pieces that would solve the puzzle of her mother's murder. By doing so, were they endangering their own lives?

Mystery, suspense, and nail biting action, will all be found in Gypsy Magic. These three talented authors have brought together three separate stories and entwined them to create a very mesmerizing story. I must admit I was clueless right up until the very last pages as to who the real killer was. Being able to craft such a compelling story that overflows with intrigue is a tribute to these fine authors. I hope to see more work of this delightful trio.

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