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Publisher: Warner Books, Inc.
Release Date: February 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61043-7
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
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Genre: Romance
Reviewer: Kristie Leigh Maguire
Reviewer Notes: Reviewer Kristie Leigh Maguire is the author of Desert Triangle, Emails from the Edge, co-author of No Lady and Her Tramp, contributor to Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online.

High Meadows
By Joan Wolf  

     Kate Foley was content. She didn’t need anyone else in her life to complicate matters. It was all she could do to hang on to High Meadows since her father had died and left her and her mother in debt and with very little life insurance. She had to keep the horse farm; it was her life. When her sister Colleen was killed in an automobile accident, she didn’t hesitate in adopting the infant son that her sister left behind. Her world opened up just enough to include Ben in it. She had no time or desire to let others in.

     Then Daniel Montero showed up at her front door claiming to be Ben’s father. Daniel was a dark handsome man – and not just any handsome man either. He was the starting pitcher for the Yankee’s baseball team – and very famous, and very rich. Daniel was used to women falling all over him. But Kate was different. Fame and fortune didn’t impress Kate. She was concerned that he would not be a good father figure to Ben – and Ben was the first and foremost concern in her life, not some handsome stranger even if she did feel the strange urges of desire that she had never before felt in all her twenty-seven years of life.

     Joan Wolf takes us for quite a ride in High Meadows. She not only gives us the blossoming romance story of Kate and Daniel, but throws in a romance between Molly, Kate’s mother, and Alberto, Daniels’s butler, as well. And just when you thought you had it all figured out, Wolf gives us another twist to the plot. All in all, High Meadows is an enjoyable read.

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