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Publisher: Five Star 2002
Release Date:
ISBN: 0786245786
Format Reviewed: Hardback, First Edition
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Genre: Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Reviewer Notes: Reviewer Carolyn Howard-Johnson, the author of "This is the Place" and "Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered"

Housebreaking a Husband
By Lori Soard 

A Love Conquers All Story
An Honest, Funny Look at Romance

     Author Lori Soard sets the pace for Housebreaking a Husband with a humorous, romantic and action-packed beginning.

     A feisty young woman with a scarred past meets a man with heavenly green eyes on the beach behind her home-or rather she entangles that man with a dog, leash, the arms and legs of children and some of her own body parts.

     It turns out this man with whom Sarah has become entwined--one beautiful hunk--has some scars of his own. He is about to lose custody of two beautiful twins and, excepting for the deep love he feels for them, is determined to be emotionally unavailable to all others.
In spite of a couple of very minor motivational glitches-like the fact that Sarah trains dogs for a living and appears to have only two furry clients but still manages to live in a home on the beach with no other visible means of support--this book is remarkably well-written. The romance is titillating but is also so free from explicit sex that it would be suitable for most 14 year olds. Like most families, Sarah's is slightly dysfunctional and quirky and absolutely lovable. It appears that Soard is incapable of formulating a cookie-cutter character. They all have a reality quotient of 10.

     This is a story about how love can be corrupted by a lack of communication and by unaddressed fears. There is much more to it than a quick, romantic read.

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